Lake Nipissing

This boat is used mainly by the tourist camps for fishing. The basic boat is a tiller drive, but can be accessorized for
pleasure cruising or a good ski boat.

Length: 18 feet
Beam: 59 inches
Depth: 25 in
Weight: 350 lbs
Motor Capacity: up to 30 hp

Basic Price (USD): $4400 (varnished)
Option(s):  West System Epoxy Bottom

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Lake Nipissing Boat
Lake Nipissing

The 18 foot Lake Nipissing is used by many Canadian Fishing Lodges and Resorts for it’s fine handling on the water.  Loch Island Lodge and Camp Lochalsh, and many others, rely on them for their valued guests.  Now you can get these hand-made Canadian boats already imported into the US, with an optional West System epoxy bottom applied for you. Below are these boats at Loch Island Lodge:

18 Foot Nipissing at Loch Island Lodge

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